NeoPod is an innovative bipod for hunting, developed and produced for Steinert Sensing Systems who had identified a gap in the market for a lightweight and stable bipod.

For hunters who move around in unforgiving terrain, there are some major aspects to consider when choosing equipment—weight, space, and performance being three of these. The challenge in this project was to create a lightweight product without sacrificing strength. By rethinking how a bipod is designed, from mechanical construction to choice of materials, we were able to deliver a product that raised the bar for the whole product category.

NeoPod is made out of carbon fibre-reinforced PEEK polymer, which is as strong as stainless steel at half the weight of aluminium. To further increase the strength, new mechanical solutions were developed and loose parts were replaced by magnetic locks. The result is a celebrated product that exceeded both the client’s and the users’ expectations.




”This extremely light-weight, strong and compact bipod surpasses all expectations”
-Rifle Shooter Magazine


”Bipoden (NeoPod) är i särklass det ända alternativet om låg vikt och transportvänlighet är prioriterat”


”The rifle remained rock steady while on aim and I really can’t fault it”
-Shooting Sports Magazine


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