We are a modern and versatile product development company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our core business is to help innovators and companies realize their ideas. Our in-house competence covers all stages of product development, from industrial design to mechanical construction, electronics, embedded systems, mechatronics and production. Together with our partners, we deliver prototypes and start mass production. We have broad experience working with technology and a passion for delivering unique solutions to our customers. Cadson was founded in 2008.

Product development

Turning ideas into reality is our speciality. By identifying the right technology, form and method of production, we can assist in specific segments of the product development process, or we can take responsibility for the entire process. Together with our international partners, we offer production of most materials. We like to work in close contact with our clients in order to find the right form, function and production method.


Today’s technology often includes electronics as a key component, making new solutions possible. We offer cutting edge electronics, using in-house development and construction. We cover a wide area of competence, ranging from digital to analogue design and wireless solutions. Electronics is one of our core competences.


Being able to produce cost-effective parts is key when it comes to mechanical construction. One of our strengths is that we think about the manufacturability right from the start of a project. We offer 3D-models and detailed drawings, and make strength calculations early in the development process. To complete the production of a part, different finishes and post-treatments are often required. We have broad experience in this field as well, and can help you take the best decision for your project.


Evaluating ideas with good prototypes is an essential step in the journey towards a successful product. Thanks to our network of skilled manufacturers, we can produce high-quality prototypes in a wide range of materials and levels of detail. Our prototypes are always as similar as possible to the finished item, which is a great advantage when presenting your products to potential investors.


When it is time to start mass production of a product, it is convenient to have a manufacturer who can take care of the entire production line—manufacturing the parts and assembling the product, performing quality controls, printing manuals, and packaging it. Since we work closely with several European companies with production units in China, we can manufacture your product at a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Customer cases