With our broad competence in the field of electronics and PCB construction and design, we can assist you with everything—from electronic design to production.

Thanks to our network of manufacturers in both Europe and Asia, we can help you produce high-quality and cost-efficient electronic solutions for your project.

Design of electronics

Since we develop both electronics and mechanics ourselves, we have total control of the interplay between the two fields. Thanks to this cross-competence, we can avoid many misunderstandings and delays in the product development process. Our goal is to always develop electronic solutions that do not interfere with other equipment and that are compatible with tomorrow’s standards with regard to emission, durability, and compatibility.

Elektronikdesign & kretskortskonstruktion med Cadson

PCB construction

We offer PCB construction both as part of a total commitment and as a single link in a bigger development process. We work with surface-mounted components and modern assembly methods, and have broad competence within analogue and digital circuit design and component selection. We use standardized software to create production drawings according to industry standards. Since customer satisfaction is important to us, we like to discuss different solutions with our clients in order to find the best fit with regard to budget, functionality, and other requests.

Embedded systems

A central processing unit (CPU) is necessary for the interplay between the electronic parts to work. For advanced calculations and simple controlling tasks we use microprocessors with 8 to 32-bit architecture. Most of our work is carried out on Microchip MCUs but we can also develop modules for Arduino, and have experience with both Atmel and Texas Instruments’ processors. We always make sure that our embedded systems are as energy-efficient as possible.

Wireless communication

‘Internet of things (IoT)’ is a term in frequent use nowadays and it has become the rule rather than the exception to use some type of wireless communication in a technical product. We are experienced in most wireless protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and UHF radio, and how to efficiently implement them in modern IoT products.

CE certification

A product often requires a number of certifications and approvals to be ready for the market. CE certification for electronics requires that the product meet certain legal criteria in regard to emission, RF (radio frequency), and dependability. We can help you with all these and make sure that your product meets all required standards.

Electronic prototypes

We offer advanced electronic prototypes and embedded systems for complex functions. We can produce working prototypes of high quality—no matter how many you need. If you need a prototype that consists of different materials and components, we can assist with the sourcing and assembly.

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