For a product to be well received by users and customers, a well-thought-out mechanical solution and design is necessary. We have in-house competence that covers all areas of mechanics—from mechanical construction to industrial design—and have long experience in developing products in which mechanics has played a crucial part.

Industrial design

The interplay between functionality and aesthetics plays an important role in how well a product will be received by users and the market. Early in the product development process, we discuss design concepts and, with our competence in aesthetics, usability, and materials, we can help you find a functional and visually-appealing solution for your product.

Design in 3D

The product design is mostly carried out in 3D-CAD which gives an early indication of what your product will look like. This is the creative part of the process where there is opportunity to test, change, and evaluate different solutions for the product.

Mechanics construction

Our knowledge in mechanical construction and our network of manufacturers around the world enable us to create mechanical designs that are both strong and cost-effective to produce. We can also create 3D-models with detailed production drawings and perform strength calculations of the product.

Customer cases