Product development

We have been turning ideas into reality since 2008. In combination with an efficient process and broad knowledge, we can help you find the right technology, form, and means of production. We can assist by acting as a link in the chain of the product development; or we can accept responsibility for the whole process of developing a product from a mere idea into reality.

Product development mechanics

A successful product relies on a well-thought-out mechanical construction. We have in-house competence that covers both mechanical engineering and industrial design, which lets us develop high-quality mechanical solutions for your project. We also work closely with a wide range of manufacturing companies, which allows us to offer construction in most materials.

Product development electronics

We offer a wide variety of services in the field of electronics and can assist with both analogue and digital circuit design. We work according to a development process that, right from the start, focuses on delivering a high-quality product that meets certification requirements and durability standards.

Product development Mechatronics

The interplay between mechanics and electronics has grown to play a crucial part in many of today’s most successful products. We have in-house competence that covers both electronics and mechanics, which makes us a competent partner in a product development process where mechatronics is involved.

Turnkey project

With our broad in-house competence in product development, it often saves both time and resources to let us take responsibility for the whole development process. We combine the design concept with mechanical construction and all PCBs (printed circuit boards) are designed with CE certification in mind right from the start. That way we avoid having to backtrack and making corrections, which are often a costly and time-consuming process.


Customer cases