Evaluating your ideas with good prototypes is an essential step in the journey towards a successful product. Thanks to our network of skilled manufacturers, we can produce high-quality prototypes in a wide range of materials and levels of detail. Our prototypes are always as similar as possible to the finished product, which is a great advantage when presenting your products to potential investors.

Prototype manufacturing

A good prototype that closely resembles the finished product is an important step towards a successful product. We create everything from simple plastic prototypes to complex prototypes with full functionality in a wide range of materials.

prototyptillverkning & plastprototyper

Prototypes in plastics

Today there are plastics that are as strong as metals at only a fraction of the weight. We can create plastic prototypes in a wide range of plastic materials, with different post-treatments, such as colour and prints, and incorporate them in assemblies with other components.

Prototypes in metal

Metal prototypes are available in most alloys and we offer a wide range of post-treatments, such as anodizing, powder-coating and brushing.

Electronic prototypes

We can create advanced electronic prototypes and embedded systems for complex functions. We have no lower limit when it comes to ordering prototypes. Even if you only need a single unit, we can offer a high-quality prototype. If the prototype consists of multiple materials and components, we can assist with sourcing and assembly as needed.

Manufacturing method

Thanks to our network of manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of production methods and techniques such as CNC-milling, 3D-printing, sheet-metal fabrication, welding, water-jet cutting and advanced assembly. We have access to three-, four- and five-axis CNC machines and can offer most post-treatments for both plastics and metals. Since our manufacturing partners are carefully selected, we can offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

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