When it is time to start mass production of a product, it is important to have a manufacturer who can take care of producing the product, assembling it, performing quality controls, printing manuals, and packaging. Since we work closely with several European companies with production units in China we can produce your product at a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Serial production

Thanks to our network of manufacturers, we are able to offer mass production in varying sizes which lets us tailor the scale of production according to our clients’ needs.


Regardless of whether you need help with the whole production or just a certain part, we can help you. We are experienced in delivering isolated parts that are used as components in other products and we gladly work closely with our clients to make sure our part fulfils all demands and specifications.


We offer CNC-lathing and milling of both simple and complex details. We have access to three-, four-, and five-axis CNC-milling machines and can offer most types of post-treatments for plastics and metals. The CNC-production can be supplemented by other manufacturing techniques such as 3D-printing, sheet-metal manufacturing, welding, water-jet cutting, and assembly.

Electronic production

We offer PCB manufacturing in quantities from single prototypes up to mass production in small and large quantities. We do all development and design at our office in Sweden and clients can always have direct contact with the developer in-charge of their project, which facilitates and speeds up the process. When ordering single prototypes or electronics, we can assist with the programming, assembly, and quality control in-house. That way we make sure everything works properly and we can make adjustments directly.

Customer cases